About the Editors


Bridget McAuliffe is a native of Duagh, Co Kerry. She is a graduate of the School of English, Trinity College Dublin, and of the School of Communications, Dublin City University. She works as an editor, publisher, researcher and writer. She is author of Uncovering Kerry: The Comprehensive Guide to the Best of Kerry (Red Hen Publishing, 2006).

Mary McAuliffe, from Duagh, Co Kerry, holds a PhD from the School of History and Humanities, Trinity College Dublin. She lectures on Women’s Studies at University College Dublin. She was an historical consultant on two 2016 commemorative projects—the ’77 Women’ project at Richmond Barracks and the Royal College of Surgeons commemorative exhibition. She was also on the 2016 academic advisory committee at the National Museum of Ireland. Her most recent book, with Liz Gillis, titled We Were There: 77 Women of the Easter Rising (Four Courts Press), was published in April 2016.

A graduate of University College Dublin, Owen O’Shea works as communications officer with Kerry County Council. He is author of Heirs to the Kingdom: Kerry’s Political Dynasties (The O’Brien Press, 2011). A native of Milltown, Co Kerry, he is a former print and broadcast journalist and a former press adviser to the Labour Party.

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Owen O’Shea, Mary McAuliffe and Bridget McAuliffe